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Before I became a best-selling novelist (and hell YES I like saying that) I was an editor, and since switching my focus to fiction I've found that my editorial focus shifted as well. My specialty is helping professionals--especially lawyers and journalists--who have a goal of becoming traditionally published in upmarket women's fiction or romance. I help writers evolve from professional writing to a novelist's voice, build a story that pulls the reader through the pages and  create an emotional arc that satisfies.

I'm tough, honest and encouraging and I believe that you CAN learn to do this. I can't guarantee that you'll write a book that will snag an agent or a excite an editor. No one can. But I can help you write a book you'll be proud to submit and approach that process like a pro.

My coaching availability is constantly changing. Here's what I have right now:

Blueprint for a Book. Perfect for the writer who's honing an idea before getting started, or trying to find where an existing draft goes off the rails, the Blueprint process—developed by Jennie Nash—demands that you find your why, know your point and be able to describe your book to anyone, in a few short sentences and in longer flap copy form, because that description is the promise you make to the reader and the book you ultimately write must fulfill that promise. You'll narrow down your genre and ideal reader and then decide whose story you're telling and when before building a plot that carries that protagonist on their journey.

I'll provide a "blueprint" workbook and then offer comments and guidance on every part of the process in written form, both as comments on your work and in a 2-3 page letter summarizing my observations and suggestions and offering recommendations for your next step and in a one-hour phone call. You'll come away with clear guidance on what to do next to strengthen and ultimately draft or revise your story. Basic Blueprint: $2000.

Manuscript Evaluation and 2 Chapter Edit. For the writer who's taken a completed draft as far as they can go, but isn't sure of exactly where that gets you. I'll read an entire, completed manuscript and do a developmental edit of two chapters--which means that I will provide an editorial letter on the entire manuscript, with big-picture observations and a discussion of what's going right along with any areas of concern and suggestions for where to focus your attention in your revision. I'll be honest about the good and the challenging, because I respect your desire as a writer to learn and grow and to make this project the best it can be.

For the chapters, I'll do an edit at the "scene level" (which means I'm worried about characters, motivation and action, not commas) in the manuscript as a Word doc using track changes and provide a separate editorial letter focusing on those chapters specifically, what's working and where to focus your energies in a revision. Manuscript Evaluation and 2 Chapters: $4000

Pitch Plan: For the writer who's ready to take their work out into the world in search of someone who will champion it! (Okay, an agent.) I'll review your query letter and synopsis and help you polish each until they shine (via email and traded documents) and then help you to create agent-selection strategy, choose specific agents to target, figure out the right approach to each one and develop a pitch plan for reaching those agents--all of which we will do by phone/Zoom and by email. I love querying agents--and I'm good at it! I can help you feel good about it too. (I can't promise it will work, though. Nobody can!) Pitch Plan: $2000 Pitch Plan with 3 months follow-up: $3500.

Before we work together, we should be sure we're suited to one another. (I am truly not every writer's cuppa.) Tell me a bit about you, what you're working on and what kind of coaching you're ready for by filling out my COACHING QUESTIONS here. If it looks like we're a good fit, we'll book a short discovery call to make sure this is what you need.

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