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KJ DellAntonia just released her new book, How to Be a Happier Parent. I absolutely recommend it.

I just ordered KJDellAntonia’s How to Be a Happier Parent book. I’m sharing because I think you’d like it too.


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I’ve been looking forward to @KJDellAntonia’s How to Be a Happier Parent so much that I pre-ordered it and read it already! Check it out.

I got to do an early read of @KJDellAntonia’s How to Be a Happier Parent—and I highly recommend it! It’s a a practical, thoroughly researched guide to bringing more joy into our everyday lives. Check it out: tinyurl.com/HappierParentAmazon

Here’s what I think you need: @KJDellAntonia’s How to Be a Happier Parent book. Check it out: tinyurl.com/HappierParentAmazon

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