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Being a parent can mean doing a lot of waffling. TV or no? Candy? Snack? Rabbit? Sleepover? Hoverboard? Scary movie? Concert?

We weigh alternatives. We reconsider. We think, sometimes too much. This mantra reminds us that most of these choices aren’t life altering. It also reminds us to actively decide and then stick with it, instead of answering thoughtlessly and then giving in to begging later.

When you already know how you’ll deal with chores, after school activities and screen time limits, your kids will know too. Which means, eventually, the pushback will stop. Making a decision once frees up some space in our heads and makes room for more happiness.

How to use this mantra

Sometimes, we become happier parents by doing things differently. But mostly, we shift things by changing how we think and feel. Repeat this mantra when you find yourself making too many decisions on the fly. It will remind you of the value of choosing a path and committing to walking it. — and you’ll be teaching your kids a great lesson in boundaries in the process.

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