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Winter’s Tales

By KJ / Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter has started, in ernest, with the onset of our local ski programs. Other places have recreational t-ball, I know, and maybe year-round soccer…we have skiing. Volunteer, parent-run (which up here often means former Olympian parent-run) nordic and alpine skiing, and who wouldn’t want that? So Sam has two days a week of nordic and one of alpine (and that makes us a non-downhill family, by local standards, the kids in the racing program do 4-5 days a week at […]

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By KJ / Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ski-Ding Originally uploaded by kjda Who would have ever thought I could take all three littles ice skating (indoors) and then Nordic sanity and then retain enough sanity to blog about it–no, wait, to have actually enjoyed it?To have had a blast, even. I have dreaded, dreaded this winter. The thought of all the boots and mittens and hats and this and that and the other…oof. And who knew how Rory would take it? I do not and never have […]

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