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Three generations of magic. Two rogue exes. One Tarot deck.

The perfect recipe for chaos.

Flair Hardwicke knows three things: magic is real, love isn’t, and relying on either is disastrous. So while she’s grateful for the chance to take over her grandmother’s Kansas bakery after she finally leaves her cheating husband, she won’t be embracing Nana’s fortune-telling side-hustle any time soon. But when the Tarot card cookies Flair bakes for the town’s Halloween celebration unleash the power of the family deck, luring Flair’s unpredictable mother back home, tempting Flair’s magic-obsessed daughter, and ensnaring her ex in a curse she can’t break, suddenly there’s far more at stake than her status as the most reluctant witch in town. As her family's dark heritage threatens everything she loves, the magic Flair has long rejected becomes the only card she has left to play.

Grown-up Gilmore Girls meets Practical Magic in this latest from best-selling author KJ Dell'Antonia, which delivers everything you've come to expect from the author of The Chicken Sisters with just enough witchery to enchant.

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KJ Dell’Antonia is a New York Times best-selling author whose novels The Chicken Sisters and In Her Boots explore the same themes she once explored as a journalist: the importance of finding joy in our families, the challenge of figuring out what makes us happy and the need to value the life we’re living more than the one in our phones and laptops, every single time. Her third novel, Playing the Witch Card, throws magic into the mix, but witchcraft, like reality TV and literary fraud, rarely really solves anyone’s problems. She is also the former editor of the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, the co-host of the #AmWriting podcast,  and a passionate bookstagrammer (@kjda).  She lives in Lyme, New Hampshire, with her husband, children and assorted dogs, cats, chickens and horses.