#BooksThatWon’tBumYouOut: Ghosted

by KJ in #AmReading

5 Things I liked about Ghosted

Watcher beware! There aren’t spoilers per se in the book chat, but there might be enough detail to make spoilers easier to spot—because this is a twisty book, and I have thoughts about those twists. But nothing even spoiler-ish in the text.

1. The premise. Love at first sight, a week of very well-created, believable connection, and then the guy disappears off the face of the earth. Her friends tell her he’s just not that into her, but the protag can’t buy it.
2. Said protag. She’s so vulnerable and honest, and I love that she DIDN’T buy it. She doesn’t trust herself in anything, and yet she trusted that this connection she felt was real and there was something else up.
3. The length/pace. Zoom! I read it on a two-hour bus trip and was totally absorbed but also could see I would be able to finish. (Score one for book-books instead of e-books. That really does bug me about e-books. I mean, I know you CAN see how much is left but it’s not the same.)
4. A big question for me with Ghosted was, why didn’t I put it down once I realized that there was a tragedy concerning the protag’s sister at the center of the book? I don’t usually like the whole “what-happened-in-the-past-the-protag-knows-but-you-don’t” trope when it has to do with tragedy. To be honest, it might have been because I was on a bus and I didn’t have another book. I had my laptop, though. And a magazine. So I wasn’t desperate. I think it was the voice, and the fact that the book had a hopeful vibe, but in a very engrossingly complicated way. Like, I can see this is all going to come together somehow but I can’t imagine how.
5. The mystery factor. I wanted to believe the protag—in fact I did believe her—and you BET I wanted to know where that dude went and why.

To sum up—fast fun and smart. Not perfect. As much as I wanted to and did believe the protagonist’s take on what had happened between her and the dude, it also took a little suspension of disbelief to get there—but hey, I will also buy wizards and ghosts and vampires, so why not a very lovely romantic connection? It didn’t HAVE to be perfect. It was engrossing and twisty and just the right level of exciting. That twist, though—well, watch the video if you want a little more on that. It’s not that it’s not GOOD. It’s that I’m still not sure how I felt about it for me! But–recommend. #trickyonpurpose #ilikeditwithabut

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