#BooksThatWon’tBumYouOut: Life and Other Inconveniences

by KJ in #AmReading

5 Things I liked about Life and Other Inconveniences and why writers should take note:

1. Truly multi-generational. There are POV chapters in here from teen to old and every one works—and while I haven’t experienced the symptoms the oldest character does, I found the way they played out very believable.
2. Sensible characters. This isn’t a book that relies on people misunderstanding each other, or even making dumb choices, and that’s hard to pull off.
3. The mother-daughter relationship. If books are meant to give us something that’s just that little bit more or better than we can get in our own lives, why not apply it to this usually fraught dynamic?
4. The smart, positive teen character. So often, a book with a multi-generational cast has everyone come together when the teenager screws something up and has to be rescued. This one’s different.
5. The stuck landing. All mysteries and storylines tied up at the end, but not too neatly, and with absolutely no sense of machinery clanking. This one holds up right until the final page. #goodplotsforcecharactergrowth #charactersIwanttohangwith #readingshouldbefun

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