#BooksThatWon’tBumYouOut: Love Lettering

by KJ in #AmReading
5 Fun Things About Love Lettering
  1. #bujonerds, rejoice. The protagonist is a professional letterer and journal-maker in Brooklyn, where people pay her to design their planner pages. I love a really good fantasy career.
  2. Like every good protagonist, this one needs to have the scales pulled from her eyes so she can see herself clearly—but I’ve not seen this particular problem done like this before, and the way we learn why she is the way she is really works.
  3. It’s a rom-com where the woman doesn’t need the man to be successful—but having him around makes her success much happier. I like that.
  4. There’s a friendship issue that’s just as important—and just as interesting and in need of solving—as the romance. (and that, my friends, is probably why this is shelved as “fiction” and not “romance”).
  5. Twist! I didn’t guess what was up with the hero or what was coming at all—and yet it was believable and perfect. Landing: stuck.

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