#BooksThatWon’tBumYouOut: Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts

by KJ in #AmReading

5 Things I loved about Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts

1. Tuesday Mooney. She had bad things happen in her life but she pulled her shit together, man. She’s got issues but they’re the issues of someone who CAN get everything under control and therefore, once all the things start happening, will probably grow and change and once again get things under control.
2. The friends. For someone who keeps everyone at a distance, the people around Tuesday Mooney were pretty fantastic—and also, you know how in some books you hate everyone? In this book I loved everyone. I wanted to have a beer with them all. Even the bad guy. A very careful beer.
3. The ways people doubted themselves and their friendships and then were able to trust those things. That should maybe be at the heart of every book, right?
4. The fun plot. Why DON’T millionaires use their money to create a big fun game with prizes? And I loved that the game itself wasn’t what made things go wrong. The game part was able to stay fun while other things happened. You could probably call that a weakness—argue that a public game with cash prizes would inevitably end up in people being reduced to their worst selves—but I liked that that’s not the way this one went. (That’s not a spoiler. It never even feels like that’s how it’s going.)
5. The ghosts. Are there ghosts? Or not? Most of the witchery and sorcery at the heart of the action is man-made and very clearly shown to be so, but there’s also this other piece to it, the insides of the characters and their minds and maybe of the world that can’t be played like a game. Result? A perfect amount of magical realism for this story.

To sum up—Tuesday Mooney could be called the inverse of Ninth House, which was all magic with a touch of realism but had similar themes, more darkly played, and the same rompy fast moving action—as well as protags who can take care of themselves but also get the joy of finally teaming up with others. Recommend. #Iwantateam #alsoamillionairegame

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