If You Liked: Fascinating Books Unlike Any Other

by KJ in #AmReading

Outlawed is the Reese’s Book Club January pick–a driving, fast-paced story with a fascinating woman at its heart that’s–as Reese Witherspoon said–not really like any book I’ve read before. But there are echoes of The Giver of Stars, with some women protecting and empowering each other and others giving in to societal pressure to conform and betray, and some of the intensity and desperation of Scribe in its alternate history and in the way the circumstances and the rules of the society the protagonist is born into are gradually revealed. Outlawed rewards the reader for diving in with no expectations and a willingness to go along for the ride, so I won’t say more, except to say–check this one out. (You can also grab it from Book of the Month)



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