For the con artist junkies among you.

by KJ in #AmReading

If you binged Dirty John or Inventing Anna, I have a book for you.


The two POVs in The Fake slowly revolve around an unheard third, coming closer and closer to the truth about the young woman who’s entered both of their lives… but not, in classic con-artist thriller fashion, with any particular ill intent. She will not murder them or steal their identities or ruin their lives, exactly. Not dramatically, anyway. In fact, she’ll make things better.

For a while. Until she doesn’t.

This is every bit as engrossing as it sounds, a book that will satisfy anyone who incessantly wonders why people fall in love with liars and cons—and what happens when they come out of it. (For the non-fiction version, Abby Ellin’s Duped for the win.)

It’s not long. But it will stick in your mind for a long time.

I’m off on a glorious vacation that I’ve been looking forward to for months this week. As of this writing, I’ve packed 10 paperbacks* and loaded 7 new books onto various e-readers. Do you think it’s enough?

*someone, possibly me, will probably make me put some of them back to make room for some clothes.

Hey! You look like a person who needs a book. Can I suggest In Her Boots or The Chicken Sisters? And, as a gift to your cozy fall sweater self, why not pre-order Playing the Witch Card?

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