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by Jackie Ferrari in #AmReading

future you called, they need a book to read and THERE IS A SALE

Imagine this: you’ve just turned the final page of a fantastic book. Perhaps it was The Bandit Queens, or Murder Your Employer. Or How High We Go In the Dark (in which case, go take some deep breaths, it will be okay) or Georgie All Along. You had so much fun!! And now you have to pick a new book.

I have lots to say about what one should read next, actually. It’s important to balance your reading life so you don’t burn out on what you love, which is why I followed the adorable rom-com Not That Kind of Ever After with the thriller/mystery-ish The Golden Spoon and have either J. Courtney Sullivan’s Friends and Strangers or On the Nature of Magic waiting for me. Sometimes I read a whole stack of something I love and wear out its welcome, so I like to mix it up.

But lo, that is not what I have brought to you here today. No! It’s time to buy ALL THE BOOKS without thought. For it is the season of the great Barnes and Noble preorder sale, and I recommend you proceed posthaste to Barnesandnoble.com, pop all the pre-orders into your cart and add the code preorder25 at checkout to get 25% off the whole shebang, which is like getting 4 books for the price of 3, basically sort of depending what you buy.

Since I’m about to load you down with a glorious pile of options, maybe set yourself a limit—but then, they won’t show up all at once! No, they’ll trickle in as they’re published so what the heck. Go nuts.

Before we begin, please DO toss Playing the Witch Card into your cart even if you’re not so sure witches and tarot are for you. First off, they ARE. Second, someone in your life will love them. Third—these aren’t affiliate links or anything like, so the loveliest thing you could do for me if you’re excited about these recs is to preorder my book too. Really, it’s fun. Trust me. You do trust me, right? So BUY IT PLEASE NOW THANK YOU.

Oh, btw—if you’re worried about buying Indie—me too, but Barnes and Noble is itself a glorious institution worth saving, that provides us with lovely delightful tables to prowl and coffee to drink in otherwise soul-less malls everywhere so go right ahead and click away. And go to your indie for Indie Bookstore Day this weekend and buy more.

Double btw—in case you don’t make it to the end—**the books with asterisks are books I haven’t read. I get a lot of advance copies, so lots of these I’ve already enjoyed (and some I even blurbed, which I love doing)—but for many, I’m just another reader hoping for the best.**

Ok, without further ado—if you love some authors and they have a new book you KNOW you’ll grab… why not gift it to your future self by making it easy?

Same author, fresh book

If you loved A Star is Bored, try Big Gay Wedding*

Fan of The Guncle? The Celebrants* is out in May, too!

Loved The Murder of Mr. Wickham as much as I did? try The Late Mrs. Willoughby* or branch out with A Most Agreeable Murder*

Adored Nora Goes Off Script? Same Time Next Summer* is coming… this summer!

Devoured Back in a Spell and Payback’s a Witch? Scoop up In Charm’s Way*

Crunched through Cackle or Such Sharp Teeth? Join me for Black Sheep*

Ok, now let’s get more adventurous. These are books by new authors that remind me of books by authors I loved (and I’m more likely to have read them, since that’s a harder rec to stand behind).

Dug The Devil in the White City? Try Genealogy of a Murder

Took my rec for The Startup Wife, or would love to comp Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow? Try The Wife App

If you liked The Kiss Curse and The Ex Hex, branch out with Hex Education*

Liked Queenie or Mad About You? Try Love Buzz

Savored The Diary of a Bookseller? You’ll love Diary of a Tuscan Bookshop

Liked Beach Read? Try Love, Theoretically

Fans of Olga Dies Dreaming or Dani Shapiro’s memoir, Inheritance should try Familia

If you liked A Marvelous Light, look at On the Nature of Magic*

If you liked The Authenticity Project, grab The Collected Regrets of Clover.

Fans of Loch Down Abbey or Murder Your Employer should click through to check out The Housekeepers.*

That’s it! That’s what I got. I bet I think of more the minute I send this… But meanwhile, go forth and save $$ and enjoy the resulting bookmail!

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