2 fun reads, 1 small triumph

by KJ in #AmReading

I’m a fall BuzzBook!

So, there’s this industry email. That, ok, often generates FOMO, or something like it…because it’s all the new book announcements for books you didn’t write! And deal announcements for movies and TV and foreign sales! And prizes and buzz and awards and you can see where I’m coming from, I presume.

But once in a while you get to be on top of it, and that’s why we get it. Because we LIKE sticking our heads in a bag full of candy and also angry wasps.

Today was my moment. The Buzz Books list of fall commercial fiction includes: Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Danielle Steele, Alexander McCall Smith and … me.

I was and am pretty excited by that. It’s a win and I’m going to enjoy it. I followed it up with a silly Nic Cage/Pedro Pascal meme on Instagram and TikTok and I enjoyed every minute of that, too.

OF COURSE I also did some reading. Two fun palate-cleansing rom-coms for you this week, guaranteed to bring all the happy.

Mrs. Nash’s Ashes: This is for you even if you’re NOT a rom-com type. There’s rom, to be sure, but more com and more heart. Our protagonist, former child star, admitted poor actress (but cute!) who is perfectly happy, or so she says, with just keeping herself too herself. But when her (very elderly) best friend dies, she decides to road trip to restore Mrs. Nash’s ashes to Mrs. Nash’s one true love. Chaos, hijinks and proving love exists to a dude who says it isn’t so ensue.

Practice Makes Perfect: If you DO love rom-coms, this will scratch the itch, especially if you like them full of small (extremely cute) towns and bad boys and sibling love and pressure and are game for just going all in on all of the above. I had a delightful time.

That’s it from me this week! Except, do pre-order Playing the Witch Card and also The Chicken Sisters and In Her Boots make excellent Mother’s Day gifts.



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