The first chapter of Playing the Witch Card!!!

by KJ in #AmReading

I’ve been aching to share this one and now I can!

Have I read anything excellent lately? Yes I have. BUT FIRST:

Playing The Witch Card (Chapter One)

225KB ? PDF file


It’s here! For you! And we are only days away from you being able to get the whole dang thing. Okay, weeks. September 12, people. It’ll be here sooner than you think. Or at least sooner than I think.

This book is special. Letting my witch flag fly was hard—even though I grew up on E. Nesbit and Narnia and Edward Eager, I had to convince myself that magic was really for me—and that I could say so out loud. That I made the rules. That I decide what’s magic. That I was the one who got to answer the question Sarina Bowen demanded of me mid-book when things got hard:

Are you a witch, or not?

In this instance, I am. I make the magic, I made THIS magic and I’m so excited to share it with you. But one warning: magic (like reality TV and literary fraud, if you’ve read my earlier books) never really solves anything.

I hope you love it! All the links for pre-ordering are right in there—but if you want to save the whole thing for when you get it in your hot little hands, here they are too. One’s a real treat: order from my indie bookstore, Still North Books & Bar, and you get a signed copy and what my favorite bookseller proudly describes as a “limited edition Tarot bookmark”. That means I’m making them myself, with my hole punch and my Tarot decks and my Sharpie, and they’ll be unique little Tarot readings of their own.

Pre-order here:

Still North Books & Bar


Barnes & Noble

More witchy fun is coming. Meanwhile, I read a delicious treat of a book last week—think of it as your alien appetizer to my witchy main dish. It’s The Road to Roswell, from Connie Willis and it’s a complete and total alien-abduction caper as an RV full of mis-matched found family romps across the American west. You WILL have to embrace a bit of the truth is out there, but with a healthy pile of cynicism and a plot that just can’t stop. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Oh—one last thing! Want to hang out and talk witchy books with me in person or virtually? Mark your calendars, here’s the plan as it stands.

That’s it from me this week!

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