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you do don’t you? also you get a cool THING

TL;DR: It’s all fun and games until your mother shows up with your ex in the trunk of her car. You know you want to read that, right? Last chance to preorder and get a signed copy with fabulous unique bookmark! Signed Copies Barnes&Noble Amazon.

Playing the Witch Card comes out… TUESDAY.

So, big day for me. But for you, here’s the thing: if you’d like a signed copy with a handmade limited edition Tarot card bookmark (sounds fancy right?) you have to, as they say on late night TV, ACT NOW.

Do they still say that? I do not know.

But anyway. These bookmarks are adorable, and each one has some punchy little words on it, written by me, that might just shed some insight into where this particular Tarot moment might fit into—or inspire—your story. I love these cards and the way they speak to our life’s moments. I think you’ll enjoy a taste of them too.


And I really think you’ll love Playing the Witch Card! If I haven’t told you lately, it goes something like this:

It’s all fun and games until your mother shows up with your ex in the trunk of her car.

Flair Hardwicke knows three things: magic is real, love isn’t, and both of them are disastrous.

So while she’s grateful for the chance to take over her grandmother’s Kansas bakery after she finally leaves her cheating husband behind, she won’t be embracing Nana’s fortune-telling side-hustle. 

But when Flair bakes an innocent batch of Tarot card cookies for the town’s Halloween celebration, all hell breaks loose. Literally. The magic of the family deck is unleashed—luring Flair’s mother to town, tempting Flair’s magic-obsessed daughter and bringing back Flair’s first love while ensnaring her ex in a curse she can’t break. Flair’s attempts to control the chaos only make things worse, playing right into the hand of a powerful witch.

Suddenly there’s far more at stake than her status as the most reluctant witch in town, and the magic Flair has long rejected becomes the only card she has left to play.

Really truly I think you’ll love it. I think you probably want TWO.

And the best place to get them (the only place to get them with your mini Tarot reading bookmark) is Still North Books and Bar.

But Barnes&Noble and Amazon will delight me too.

THANK YOU! And if you want to help me spread the word, go right HERE for images, Reels, TikToks and everything else you could want.

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