Planning VACATION Reading!

by KJ in #AmReading

Do I take a lot of trips? I do! Do I take a lot of books? HECK YEAH

I have a horror of ending up on a plane without a good book. Yes, my ereader mostly should have relieved me of that problem BUT STILL.

What if it suddenly didn’t really download even though I checked it three times?

What if the battery goes “poop!”

What if I sit on it or drop it in the seat and then try to adjust the seat like they tell you not to now and then I hear a sickening crunch and then I have nothing to read for the whole entire trip?!?!?!

an image of a horrified reader on a plane with no book to read, created by substack AI which… didn’t really understand the instructions and WILL NEVER REPLACE US

I wrote last year about how I pick books for a trip. (HERE!) We need variety. We need the right vibe. We need to know for absolute certain that we will never under any circumstances HAVE to buy a book in an airport although we certainly CAN.

Anyway. I had a stack of books and enlisted Instagram to help me decide:

Every book but one got multiple shouts of THAT ONE and the one that didn’t (Never Fall for Your Fiance) the bookseller totally raved about so I think that counts. Oh I guess nobody’s mentioned the purple house yet but I bet someone will. I love Ann Aguirre and I’ve taken her on a plane before and basically looked up three hours later and been like, what even happened.

So my plan: two paper books. Maaaaaaybe three. Because paper is just better. And also my e-reader, on which I have:

TBH I also have a romance in Spanish I’m planning to take (Lo Que La Nieve Susurra Al Caer) because I’m traveling with Spanish friends and I’ll be speaking all the Spanish and I think it will help although I’ll probably also have to look up a lot of words since I totally already had to translate susurra). And I might have asked a publicist to send me Happily Never After by Lynn Painter, so that might turn up, and I have something to read, to blurb so I can pretend that’s work…

I could easily end up with eleven books here couldn’t I?

Ok. Decision time. All the e-books make the cut por supuesto. Aand… the whispering snow. Anita de Monte. And Emily Wilde—all three because they’re not like anything that’s already in the e-reader (and I really want to read the Xochitl Gonzalez because I loved Olga Dies Dreaming and I have a sneaking suspicion that if it’s lined up next to paper romances I might… go the easier read route first. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

So that’s the plan, stans. What was your last favorite vacation read?

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