#AmConferencing, Writing it Down and Making Connections

…in which Jess and KJ go into the closet (excuse the squeaky door) and discuss the values of the writers conference, and the dangers of writing in your head. #amwriting #ampitching #amprocrastinating

Episode 5 Show Notes: #AmConferencing, Writing It Down and Making Connections

This American Life, The Radio Drama Episode

Light Up Pen

Ow, It Hurts

Grit, Angela Duckworth


Conference: Association of Journalists and Authors

Parent Hacks, Asha Dornfest


Illicit, Moises Naim

Playing the Woman Card, The Washington Post

Video: #MoreThanMean – Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment

Article: Lindy West


Book title: The Outlander Series, written by Diana Gabaldon

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