#AmResearching, Keep Those Notes Organized, and Remember When…

…in which KJ and Jess talk about how they organize their research and wax nostalgic about their first successful pitches. #amwriting #ampitching #amprocrastinating

Episode 7 Show Notes: #AmResearching, Keep Those Notes Organized, and Remember When…

Best Practices: Organizing Research

Scrivener, by Literature and Latte

Our friend Sarah, who uses Scrivener for fiction



Mothering Magazine

On Writing by Stephen King, in which he mentions paper clips, not staples. 

Time Out: New York

I wrote “Benjamin’s Bookshelf” for The King’s English Bookshop

Stuff I Wish I’d Written

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s University of Pennsylvania Commencement Address

Emily Badger’s Wonk Blog at The Washington Post


Laura Vanderkam “The Busy Person’s Lies” and I Know How She Does It

And I checked. Vermont Public Radio’s commentaries are 400 words. I’ve been writing shorter than I need to. Oops.

K.J. was right. I did not get it all done that week.

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