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Episode 54 Show Notes: #ListenerQuestions


NY Times Well

The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed, Jess Lahey

#AmWriting with Jess and KJ

The Atlantic

Vermont Public Radio

Grown and Flown


American Society of Journalists and Authors

#AmWriting with Jess & KJ Podcast: Episode 5: #AmConferencing, Writing it Down and Making Connections

Edit Your Life Podcast, Christine Koh & Asha Dornfest

The Mom Hour Podcast, Sarah Powers & Meagan Francis

What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood Podcast, Amy Wilson & Margaret Ables

The ParentNormal Comedy Podcast, Chris Cate

Parenting Bytes Podcast, Andrea Smith

Word of Mouth Blog  

Core Knowledge Blog


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