The End! The Beginning! The End!

Check out this link for Amazon and this one for B & N to see a preview of Reading to Babies, Toddlers and Twos. I feel great and Susan does too–now on to promoting it, selling it and enjoying it! Guess I’ll need to put up an official link here, too. We’re even planning a blog book tour–I’ll be emailing people to see if they want to participate in a week or two.
Plus: One first draft novel, finished, less than one month later than I’d hoped. Now it’s on to revisions. I have printed it (322 pages double spaced TNR, my god, 98K words). I have invested in a special binder. I have special different paper for adding notes and special post its (ok, I felt like a splurge at the stationer’s shop. And I think the Valentine’s Day mood inspired the pink. Don’t worry, I promise not to actually send it to anyone in pink. The pink’s not for the printout, anyway, it’s for my notes. ) I meant to buy special pens, but forgot, which is just as well as I would have lost them (I would have drawn the line at pink pens, anyway.)
A good day on that front.
On the bad day front, I’ve discovered that although I am supposed to lie on my side to encourage baby tertius to face backwards, I’ve been lying on the wrong side. That was too easy. No, I have to lie on the side where it hurts. RIght now it does not feel worth it, but if he will just cooperate and come out quickly and easily, I’ll be glad I did it. I’ll do anything he wants, too. Sam and Lily will say “Why does he get a triple scoop ice cream and we don’t? and I’ll say, because you faced forwards, you beasts. And then I’ll eat the ice cream.

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