It’s so fall

it’s the kind of day that would feel warm if it were sunny, but since it’s not, it ‘s got that whole damp and cold thing going. I’m even feeling kind of sorry for Sam’s long walk up the driveway when he gets off the school bus. He probably won’t even notice.

So, the plan for the afternoon is to use the fruits (so to speak) of Saturday’s apple and raspberry picking to make turnovers. It occurs to me that we could even make appple-raspberry turnovers. (I was thinking just apple). And freeze them. We’ll see how that goes. Probably one of those projects that SOUNDs fun and will end in my friend Laura saying “Can’t you guys just color like everyone else?”
But hey, I’m also thinking–guests all weekend, hiking, picking things, lots of outdoor tie–sounds like tonight’s a good night for TV!

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