Things I CAN Do

Here is a list of the things I CAN do today:

  • Keep drafting my next freelance pitch.
    Pack the kids’ carry-on bags for our flight to Seattle (6 hours!)
    Pack clothes for the Seattle trip.
    Buy suitcases for ditto, plus China trip. (We have three suitcases, two of the small black rolly kind (one with a hole in it) and one of the giant purple nearly impossible to keep under weight kind. I plan to acquire a pair of medium sized ones.)
    Pack any additions to kids’ carry-ons for China trip into individual bags to be loaded into their backpacks when we come back (I like to put lots of surprises in for a long plane ride, and this is going to be a doozy.)
    Pack Rory’s backpack for trip.
    Get out and stack up Rory’s CLOTHES for trip.
    Download new kids’ tv to ipod.
    Plan Lily’s birthday party.
    Order Lily a birthday gift. Locate gift to persuade Sam to choose for Lily. Ditto for Wyatt.
  • Ok, that’s a good list. Got a couple of things I can’t do, too, but I’m trying to just be zen about those. Rather unsuccessfully, I might add.

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