Do This Now: Favorite Your Best Photos From Last Month

I’m pretty sure I am not the first to have this brilliant idea.

Wyatt walks S'mores on a glorious February morning.

Wyatt walks S’mores on a glorious February morning.

But you know how, come December, you really want to make, say, a calendar for next year? Or (dare I say it) a photo album? And maybe a holiday card. (I did not do this last year. I also left my Christmas tree up until March. I was maybe just not really quite doing so well with that holiday thing.)

Shot with DxO ONE

I made a spectacular hat, and won a game of yarn chicken.

How about this: on the 5th of every month, set a calendar reminder. Go through your phone, or iPhoto, or wherever your digital images wash us, and tag your favorites, or put them in a folder. Why the 5th? Because I did it today, and I’m not going to want to do it again on the 1st of next month, duh. That would be too soon. It would interfere with the natural rhythm of things.

In December, there you will be, with the best pictures from the past year all there together. Or, worst case scenario, the best pictures from February, I guess. Or March. I actually went all the way back through December today on my phone, and although that does not include the pictures I took on my DSLR I still feel good about it. Please do not take that away.

These are a few of my favorites pictures from the first 2 months of the year. (I’m not putting up any from December, because looking at the tree gives me anxiety flashbacks.)

Book tour with Jess Lahey. Florida in February!

Book tour with Jess Lahey. Florida in February!

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