One Big Happy Conference


Howdy from Mom 2.0. I’m listening to Julie Zhuo at Facebook talk to three women who started Facebook groups that grew like crazy (Jessie Lorenz, Tahemeem Shaik, Thorunn Magnisdottir), after walking through halls of women and media companies and brands. Overheard: “the people who really love what I’m doing have followed me there” “what are your goals for the conference?” “If we build it that way it will really attract a broad audience” and a hundred other comments from a group of driven, entrepreneurial women, many with astonishing brands and missions of their own.

It’s a little overwhelming. So much opportunity. So many smart people. So much possibility. I’m going to leave with so many ideas… But done is better than none, right? Do you ever wonder what it is you really WANT to do?

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