The Mom Who Left the Planet

I’m listening to Samantha Ettus interview 5 women about work life balance, and Cady Coleman, astronaut, just said that one of her friends told her “look, this is who his mother is.” 

They’re all saying they don’t go out at night, that mornings are chaos, that they don’t hide the kids. But that’s just the best line–“this is who their mom is.” 

Other great lines–“I’ve made a life that works for me.”

“You can’t listen to what other people think will work.”

“Women don’t hire the help they need–trade for it if you can’t pay for it.”

“You don’t know what’s behind people’s awesome resume or power job. Everyone needs someone to go to and talk when it’s all in a dark place and you feel like you’re failing.””

“I need to call my mother. I need to call my brothers. I’m not good at finding the time.”

“Just because of who we are and how driven we are, we are never going to feel like we got it all right.”

There is always another day.

Just get through this one. 

Remember, the next moment could be awesome.

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