Yeah, or I Could Wait Until They Come Home from School and Make Things Worse

I know it’s hard for kids to transition from school. I know coming home to your lame family after a great trip with your friends is tough. 

I swear I went into the pick up line excited to get everyone back for a beautiful afternoon. I was thinking swimming,  maybe ice cream

I’m not entirely sure I can tell you exactly how it ended up with me declaring that maybe, if they were lucky, something–car accident, terrorist attack–would get their siblings, leaving them a blessed only child with no one to move their bike or take their seat in the car before bursting into tears, but I am pretty sure that’s not what you’re supposed to do under any circumstances. Especially if you add “of course you might be the one who gets it.” 

So I got that wrong. I’ll try to find another fresh start in here somewhere. i wrote a lovely weekly email about school transitions, and then i just couldnt live up to it today. Looking for a better way to handle it? Check out this post, from a new-to-me blog, Dirt and Boogers. 

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