Six Signs Your Parent Is Over-scheduled


Found in the Motherlode archives (read all ten there) and updated, these signs your parent is over-scheduled:

1. Once described a two-hour-long child’s baseball game as “very relaxing.”

2. Your youngest sibling has no idea that most people eat cereal for breakfast, not dinner.

3. Did two aisles’ worth of grocery shopping before realizing she had some other harried parent’s cart.

4. Put 3,000 miles on the car in the past month without leaving a 20-block radius of home.

5. Just took a big swig of yesterday’s coffee from the cup in the cupholder.

6. Taco Tuesday stretched into Taco Wednesday and met up with Meatless Taco Thursday, and the slow cooker was never unplugged.

If you’re pulling together fall activity and sports schedules and getting back into the hang of masterminding the big family juggle, don’t forget to consider EVERYONE’s mental health and stamina—including yours. Children survive being unable to add in an extra gymnastics session or pottery class because you just can’t manage one more thing—in fact, they need the down time, and doing a little less frees up cash and resources for other things.

I’m just finishing up a new survival kit: Choose Your Own Adventure: Creating a Crazy-free Fall Schedule That Works. To get yours, sign up for my How It’s Done email—getting that into everyone’s hands is next on my own to-do list!

2 Responses to “Six Signs Your Parent Is Over-scheduled”

  1. JeF says:

    I laughed out loud… 🙂

  2. Love love love this. Laughed at loud at the taco-night-bender. Looking forward to hearing more!