Sane Scheduling Part Three: Don’t Do This.

img_1041I’ve been working on The Sane Family’s Guide to Scheduling, and I had a little something left over that just didn’t fit anywhere. So, herewith, a few random things that I try to keep in mind when adding things to my schedule:


1. Never put anything on Monday, especially Monday morning. First off, Mondays are hard enough. Second, me, I forget things on Mondays. I want to be someone who looks at her calendar on Sunday and plans the week, and often I am. But sometimes I plan the week on … Monday. And then it is too late.
2. Consult the kid. At least try to give your kid some say in any appointment that will take her out of school, or at a minimum some notice. The child who spent last night studying for her history test was not happy about this morning’s announcement that she’d be missing history for the orthodontist.
3. Don’t put two things on one day. You don’t want to take your dog to the vet in the morning before work and then leave early for the parent-teacher conference. You just don’t.
4. Take the emotional into account. Some appointments take more out of you, or your child, than others. If you’re going to need time to regroup or go for hot chocolate, build it in.
5. If last year’s annual physical was on September 10, your insurance company may not let you make this year’s for August 30, which may matter for your school’s vaccination requirements.

Have you got scheduling tips or stories of your own? I’d love to hear them! Email me at and include Sane Scheduling in the subject line. Thanks!

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