September Book Recommendations, Part 2

This week, Mary Laura Philpott was a guest on the #AmWriting podcast. Our topic: #Youandyourbookstore, on writers forming relationships with the bookstores we love. I’ve done this before, but Mary Laura convinced me to go all in, and from now on the links to books in this email will be to Indiebound. Click, and you can get the book ordered from your local—or any—independent bookstore.

It’s been a good week for reading. Here’s why:




To Siri with Love is Judith Newman’s funny, relatable, delightful memoir of life with both of her twin sons, one with autism, one without. Whether you live with someone with autism or not, it’s a great read, It’s a lovely family story and a great escape from the pressures of your own ordinary life into hers.





I’m not quite sure what to say about The Fortress, other than that it’s fantastically well-written, mesmerizing, and I couldn’t put it down. It’s also the story of a train wreck of a relationship (without domestic violence, despite the implication of the title), told by a writer who still isn’t at quite enough of a remove from the story to see her part it in it all. If’s gorgeous, fascinating, honest, raw, deeply personal and not a little disturbing.

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