My Day, By the Numbers

chocolate dipped peeps imageHand-dipped chocolate-covered Peeps eaten: 3 (1 pink, 2 yellow) (yellow are better)

Words added to novel: 1,125

Children who had annual physical: 2

Milkshakes purchased to make up for shots received at annual physical: 1

Texts sent to Jess and Sarina:15

Texts sent, other: 26

Emails sent: 22, not counting misc replies within conversations or those sent via magical phone

Children driven to or picked up from school, sports or activities: 6 (2 more than once, 1 not mine)

Children carpooled to sport or activity by someone else: 1

Emojis used: 0

Horses fed, sheeted or otherwise dealt with by me: 9

Horses ridden: 0

Miles run: 1

Minutes meditated: 10

Percent battery left in laptop by 6:03 PM: 27

Dinners ready by 6:03 PM: 0

Soft boiled eggs marinated for Ramen later in week: 10 (I think 4 are overcooked)

Items of tractor equipment ordered or requested: 2

Minutes spent arguing with school about whether annual physical constitutes excused absence for sports purposes: 7

Distance, in vertical feet, between part of town where it is raining (where I do not live) and part of town where it is snowing (where I live): 120

Gallons maple sap boiled for syrup: 5

Amount of syrup generated by 5 gallons sap: 2 cups

Number of hand-dipped chocolate peeps I wanted to eat: more than 3

Chocolate easter eggs still missing after visit from absent-minded bunny: 1

Hard-boiled Easter eggs found and eaten by neighbor’s dog: 1

Number of times I lost my phone in the house and had to call it: 2

Number chickens fed: 5

Eggs collected: 2

Number of times child has sung the words ‘get ready for the new world’ and no other part of whatever song it is a lyric from: I can’t count that high

Pages of Stephen King novel read by child who has just switched schools and no longer has homework: 42

Hours elapsed between starting this post and getting dinner on the table: 2.5

Number of carrots grated by no-homework child for salad: 11

Times I “soaked in the good” and realized it was overall a pretty good day: 3

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