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And so it begins

By KJ / Monday, October 5, 2009

Sam gets a weekly note home with all the homework for the week listed. For Wednesday it says “bring in a white twin sheet.” We don’t have a white twin sized sheet. Do you? We have some very, very attractive polka-dotted ones. Apparently, though, the Romans did not wear red-polka-dotted togas. What we do have is an old full or queen sized sheet, only slightly moldy, that I used as a Halloween ghost last year. Here is what I WILL […]

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School day, redux

By KJ / Friday, September 11, 2009

School day, redux Originally uploaded by kjda I don’t wan’ go school! That pretty much sums up our morning. Our babysitter, fabulous in nearly every way, isn’t on the school night train yet (and it’s been a tough one for us to get on, too). Rory went to bed an hour plus later than she needs to. She had to be dragged out of bed. All the way to school she insisted–she did not want to go. Wyatt had some […]

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