The Importance of Gravity

Coming out to the car tonight, Sam looked up and said “Look at all the twinkly stars!” “The really bright ones might be planets,” I said.

He laughed. “Mommy, planets are in outer space!”
“That is outer space, up there, with all the stars.”
He laughed harder. “But it’s just dark up there, and it goes away in the morning!”

So I explained that the dark and the stars and the planets were always there, and we just can’t see them during the day because the sun is too bright. “If you were on one of those other planets, our planet would look just like a bright light, like those.”

We got in the car, and there was one of those long pauses I get when he’s absorbing something. Finally he said, “You know what, Mommy, our planet has a cover.”
“A cover? Why?”
“So when it’s upside down, the cars don’t fall off.”

Well, I guess that is what’s important.
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