At the Bike Races

My house is cleaned, when it is cleaned, by three fabulous women. I believe this is for the best, because it’s not really a job for a single individual, particularly not one who is easily daunted. It is certainly not a job for me.
Last week, these women went on vacation. All together, along with the other four women that make up this cleaning company. Packed their bags and headed to Disney.
Before they left, Lori (who’s in charge, at least at my house), told me they were really excited, because they were “taking their bikes down on trailers”. She’d just told me they were also going to Daytona for the bike races. I stood for a moment, puzzling it all out, then caught up to her.
“You all have bikes?
Why yes. All the girls have bikes. Their husbands do, too, and in one case a teenaged daughter is almost ready for her own.
I don’t think my mental image of anyone has ever changed so fast. One minute, they were the lovely women who saved me from hours of vacuuming up dog hair and sheet-changing; the next, Easy Riders…with Windex.
I told Lori all about the moped I had when I was fourteen, but I don’t think she was impressed. Even though I wrecked the first time I rode it and still got back on. I didn’t mention that you didn’t need a helmet then, or that my friends rode on a piece of carpeted wood my dad jury-rigged on the back. After all, you don’t need a helmet in New Hampshire, either. I wondered if they wore them, but couldn’t bring myself to ask.
Instead, I went out and got them pedicure certificates. Even biker chicks need pink toes for Florida. Or maybe red.

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