Man, That Girl Can Iron!

I do own an iron. We do. Also an ironing board, with a fetching blue and white checked cover (I think. I would have to check, as it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. I’m not actually sure where it is, but I think I could find it. There aren’t that many places to keep an ironing board, after all. They’re quite large.)

So I do. Own an iron. Which means that I could iron something. I think it’s generally understood that I’m speaking hypothetically, here. But I could iron something. I certainly own a number of wrinkly things, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

Years ago, when my husband and I first moved in together, I agreed to take his shirts to the dry cleaner, and chose the “fold” option (cheaper) over the hanger option. I chose poorly. I also agreed to light starch, which turned out to be wrong, too, but I digress.

Folded shirts have creases, and he had some even the next day that required, for whatever reason, that he be uncreased. So I offered to iron the shirt. This lead, perhaps not surprisingly, to our very first living together fight, because he felt that my ironing job was inadequate.

I know how to iron a shirt, I said. I used to get a dollar a shirt for ironing my dad’s. He suggested that my father had low standards. I suggested that his were ridiculously high. He offered to demonstrate to me how a shirt should be ironed. I offered to demonstrate to him some of the other things that could be done with an iron. It only went downhill from there, really.

So while I could, hypothetically, iron something, I probably won’t. If I did, though, it would be the same iron. We haven’t bought a new one or anything. We still have the same one. Not for sentimental reasons, though.

I think I have now used the word iron enough times that it’s lost all meaning and begun to look weird and wrong, don’t you?

Hangers. No Starch. It’s engraved on my heart.

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723 Responses to “Man, That Girl Can Iron!”

  1. JK says:

    I’m trying to remember the last time I ironed…. Wow… It’s been a while!

    I’m pretty sure I ironed something about 4 years ago (as I remember ironing something in this house that we’re in now), but what it was, I have NO clue!

    Engineers that only wear t-shirts or polos for more formal days are great! Just grab from the dryer before the wrinkles set in…. (of course, that can be a challenge too). Re-fluff in the dryer usually does it and if not, just re-wash.

  2. Tish says:

    I prefer the tumble dry method of ironing. It seems that most if not all of our wardrobe is in that category. Luckily for me, I don’t work in a corporate office or wear high heels for a living. As long as my scrubs aren’t spotted with blood/mucus/mud, I’m ready for work.
    Ironing is to the modern woman is doing laundry for men. They know how to do it, but rarely do they exercise that option unless threatened with divorce, humiliation, or the thought of wearing a non-heterosexual shirt to dinner.

  3. KJ says:

    What I really, really like are dry cleaners. I would have them do all of my laundry, if I could.

  4. ppaelkos says:

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