Imaginary Money

I love spending imaginary money. Usually I do it in catalogs, but today I took the imaginary money total to new and greater heights than it’s ever been before.
It started out with a simple patio. I’ve been wanting a patio since we moved here, and a few weeks ago I decided to actually take a few steps in that direction.
So I called Brian, who did a little tractor work for us last spring. Brian was the dream tractor guy–he came, he did what I asked, and then he said, hey, I’ve still got time on the clock (we’d agreed on a price for two hours) what can I do next–and thought of a whole series of very useful things to do. I think if I’d said well, you can watch Sam while I take a shower, he’d have said “Fine.”
Brian’s first love, I happened to remember, is stonework–serious, award winning stone work. I don’t think I need an award-winning patio, but I’m all for a NICE patio. Nothing about our house is just right. Maybe the patio could be.
Brian came. He saw. We chatted. He turns out to be a true man of the Upper Valley, a jack of many trades, and a builder. Before he left, we’d torn the whole house down and rebuilt, then backed off and tore it down in sections. We moved the garage. We raised the ceilings.
Then, we took a deep breath, moved a few odd plants, and put in a patio, which I only hope we can afford once the estimate arrives.
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738 Responses to “Imaginary Money”

  1. JK says:

    tee hee… now you understand why we keep pursuing our remodel. I’ll have to give you an update at somepoint…

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