Happy Sprinkle Day to Sam

Sam’s birthday, his “actual birthday with all the stuff”. His party was a minor comedy of errors: it was supposed to be a construction party, to honor all the work we’re doing on the patio with an outdoor dirt pile and a special sand pile. It rained. Oh, how it rained. But I refused to jettison, because the hourly forecast suggestede that it would STOP raining. I hid all the treats outside, and then the rain came down.
The rice krispie sculpture was too moist and I used I think, too much butter–they would’t stick. All through the party it kept collapsing (Sam built it out of rice krispie blocks we made and frosted and covered in sprinkles. There are sprinkles everywhere. I never thought that was a big deal, but I’ve just realized it’s a lot different in the summer, when you’re barefoot. I try to think of it as an exfoliating sprinkle foot massage. It’s either that, or actually vacuum.)
But Sam was pleased. There’s going to be a story! He told everyone. A story about builders, and every kid is going to be a builder, with a hat, and we get to have an adventure, IN THE RAIN!
So that’s what we did. I told a story about the builders following a treasure map to find noisemakers and dinosaurs and then their trucks to drive home, and each treat was hidden somewhere, and the 4-year-old audience seemed pleased.
Lily was a trooper. Since I was rushing around, she kept crawling to Laura and asking to be picked up (Michelle was there with Little Sam, but he’s having an off day–I worry about him…). Anyway, surrounded by so many walking kids, she decided to walk, too–so this was the first time she really just walked from toy to thing to person. She thought it was very funny. Later, I took her upstairs, and she came walking out of the closet, laughing her little bark of a laugh over and over.
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