Words, Many Words and More from Lily

Today Lily took a tube of toothpaste and pretended to squeeze it out onto her arm and rub it in. So I guess I’ve been putting enough sunscreen on her.
She’s repeating words, and using lots on her own, like shoe and backpack (which started with Dora but also applies to backpacks in the real world, and which is doubly funny because one of Sam’s words at this stage was “Clue!”). She understands so much–bring me the bowl, bring me your shoes, this way…and she’s just always thinking, always busy. Sam had a bowl of cheese curls today and she was sharing them, when suddenly she stopped, headed to the kitchen, opened the cabinet where the bowls are kept and took out a matching bowl (carefully choosing it from a variety of bowls) and marched back to Sam’s bowl and took some curls out for her own.
She’s getting very good at kissing, and wants to be kissed. After one of the dogs knocked her over today she held up her arms to be picked up, then held her face up for a kiss. If you ask for one, she’ll give you one, too–unless she says that other favorite word, no. Or no no no.
She tried to build blocks with us today, and Sam was unbelievably patient, up to a point. He’s not a saint, though, and it does get frustrating for him. I’m just glad he at least tries to be nice about it.
Her sleeping is a disaster. She never once even came close to making it through the night while we were on Cape Cod earlier this week, and she didn’t last night when we were back, either. The annoying thing is, she has, she can, she did…so why not now? Teeth as an excuse can only go so far. We’re thinking about putting her in a bed instead of her crib and putting her in with Sam so that she’ll have company. Just saying that makes it sound crazy, but we’re still considering it. We might try asking him to sleep in the big bed in her room with her for a night or two, see how it goes.
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  1. JK says:

    The bed idea… It doesn’t sound crazy to me… I think K would love to be with N! I’m going to put them in the same room when we move to the new house (this Friday!). If you try it I’ll be curious to hear how it goes. I hope you get some good sleep soon!