The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: 2005 edition

Every year the Byliners on The Well (my favorite online community of freelancers and roustabouts) post “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”– a little annual review of career, life, and just a touch of politics. Here’s mind (feel free to do to same on your blog, and let me know).

The Good:
Broke into 4 national magazines in one way or another.
First essay accepted for national mag.
Finally have some strong recent clips.
Finished co-author book, edited, well into copy-editing with what seems to be a fabulous team.
Very nearly met financial goal for the year (can’t decide whether to count monies owed but contracted as this year or next, but since I didn’t decide in advance I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt.)
Kept good relations with every editor I wrote for–especially good, since they keep moving around
Happy husband, happy children, happy family not at all like every other happy family.
Baby #3 on the way for March 2006.
First draft of novel will be finished before the end of the year.

The Bad:
Can’t quite get past that initial break-through with one mag, and can’t get past shorts with another.
Friendly editor at dream magazine likes my stuff, but never quite enough to actually publish it.
Feeling stalled at breaking in anywhere else. Feeling, in fact, stalled.
Damned, damned with faint praise.

The Ugly
I’m a lucky lucky girl. No personal uglies in a world of some truly amazing ugly this year.

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    back to the articles above, I’m stick to myself and that is be positive, be yourself and don’t think much about other thinks about you.