13 Things Hanging Off My Refrigerator

1…. An Emergency contact list for the babysitter. If you look behind it (please don’t) you’ll find information about what to do in the event of both my and my husband’s horrible demises (demeese?) because once we took a plane trip without the kids, and, well, that’s just the way I am.
2. An Olivia the Pig magnet.
3. Anti-W New Yorker cartoon mocking the heartland. (I was born in the heartland, I can mock it.)
4. A toy that, if you put in the two pieces that make a farm animal, sings “you made a match, look what you found! You made a match, hear a (moo, baa, etc.) sound!” If you put in two mismatched pieces, it says “A duck-pig! That’s silly!”
5. An invitation for a party we had in November.
6. Assorted very powerful little magnets that look like game pieces, but never as many as I roiginally put up there, because both my kids like to pull them off and stick them to the trash can, instead. Underneath the fridge, you will find whatever I originally stuck up with those magnets, which sounded very useful. Now they serve a purely decorative purpose. Usually on the trash can.
7. The calendar for Sam’s school showing when our day is to do “snack”. I usually notice it at eight o’clock the night before.
8. Many, many miscellaneous magnets from Duke, my husband’s alma mater. Sometimes I sneak up and throw a particularly ugly one away.
9. A grocery list. Mac and cheese, garlic, trash bags, AA batteries. Yum!
10. A coupon holder with no coupons in it, containing a business card from our snowplow guy and pencils for making grocery lists.
11. A yoga schedule. I haven’t been to yoga in eight months, but I just put up a current schedule so I can really keep up with my not going.
12. A picture of my mother and Sam and Lily, and of my mother-in-law and Sam, and of both my in-laws and Sam. That last one is out of reach, because these get carried around a lot, and since my father in law died it feels disrespectful to leave him on the floor.
13. A recipe for zucchini bread pudding that doesn’t even sound good any more.

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59 Responses to “13 Things Hanging Off My Refrigerator”

  1. Caryn says:

    Fun list! Though I agree on the zucchini bread pudding. I have plenty of recipes that seemed great at the time, and now I wonder just what I was thinking. And I laughed at your throwing away the ugliest of the Duke magnets. I understand that one!

    Glad you liked the Thursday Thirteen experience. If you decide to do it, you can either do “Thirteen Things about Myself”, which is the default, use the prompt Leeanne makes up, or make up your own. I always do the last one; much more fun that way! And as for the blogroll, it’s last in the sidebar, just above the Meta stuff; I think people seem to catch on. But I know what you mean about blogrolling people you don’t know; the links on your site reflect who you are, don’t they? They do on mine, at least.

  2. Leanne says:

    Hey, hi there. I wanted you to know that you don’t have to be on the blogroll, you don’t have to display the blogroll. That is a totally optional thing for those who participate regularly & want to promote their blog/link. You are more than welcome to do the 13 as often as you wish, there aren’t any rules about it other than it’s all about you!