Unquestionably the Lamest Last-Minute Show and Tell Ever


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Sam, stricken, as we walk into school today: It’s Show and Tell Day!
Me: Oh.
Sam: And we can’t pick something from the classroom anymore! I need something!
It is clear there is no point in suggesting that he just not give a show and tell today, not if I want to get out of there without tears. I suggest that I’ll go to the car and look for something.
The car is not the fertile show and tell ground it usually is (we’ve dug up pop-up books, ultrasound pictures, cars that go when you pull a zipper out and numerous other excellent items in the past). It’s a new car, just one week old, and as yet uncluttered. I am carrying nothing but my computer bag. I keep it, I suppose, admirably free of junk. But at this moment, this is not a good thing.
Thus, the mints.
I haven’t asked how it went.

663 Responses to “Unquestionably the Lamest Last-Minute Show and Tell Ever”

  1. JK says:

    New car…. Cool! what kind? Call me and tell me about it. Is this car in honor of #3? I still have my same car that I had when you came and have all 3 crammed in… I don’t want to switch to a bigger car because then I can’t get stick… 🙁

  2. Caryn says:

    LOL! I hope it went well for him. Congratulations on your new car.