I was at a party over the weekend, an actual, honest to god, here’s a loud band and some food and some drink party (dancing to 60’s and 70’s standards under the stuffed heads of decapitated animals, an unexpected party from the pov of me in my twenties but a fun one just the same).

The band took a break, and my friend L sidled up to me and hissed “hey, let’s slip outside for a cigarette.”

For jsut a minute, just a second, probably, the past five or six years were gone and she was offering a real possiblility. Then we cracked up.

One of the most amusing things at the party was watching the pained expressions on the college student bartenders as 60 or so 30-40 year olds danced, almost without exception with spouses, to the above described oldies. Of course, they’re oldies to us, too, but these kids don’t know that. To them, an oldie is an oldie–and we, too. are oldies.

But of course, we’re not. Most of are about ten years or so out of grad school, caught in the throws of like with young kids and high career goals, still moving inexorably forward, and the thing is, this is where those kids are going. This is, in fact, where they want to be, when they cuddle up in their single beds with their boyfriends and dream of the future. Odds are, if they’re really lucky, it looks like this.

So I think it’s pretty funny to watch them curl their cute little lips at the whole thing.

And by the way, once I’ve spawned and nursed and gone through this particular ringer one more time–hell, yes, I’ll slip out for a cigarette. But not in January. And don’t tell my dad.

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  1. Manic Mom says:

    Reminds me when a bunch of us mom friends were out for a weekend getaway in Avalon, NJ. There was a hottie twenty-something there and we were talking to him. These other girls were giving us dirty looks.

    I looked at them and said, “Look, we’ve got like 17 kids under the age of 5 between all of us. You call me when you’re mid-thirties and tell me how cool I am!”

    Ha! If only they knew what we know! (And I’d take a drag too, but it’d have to be menthol, k?

  2. Jodes says:

    I love all that music too, I work with a bunch of 20somethings and I cannot get over how young and naive they are.

  3. Jodes says:

    I love all that music too, I work with a bunch of 20somethings and I cannot get over how young and naive they are.

  4. Bridgermama says:

    Wow, I honestly do not remember how to dance. I used to be a crazy bar chick getting down with the rest of them, sneaking out for cigarettes whenever I got the chance. Now I sing Twinkle Twinkle and sneak out for some type of baked good at the local bakery. I used to be so darn cool. 😉

  5. bridgermama says:

    Pssst…who designed your blog? I need to give mine a jazzing up!

  6. JK says:

    Yup… I have been thinking about pretty much exactly these things… There’s a great web site that sells shirts that say 50 is the new 30, so if that’s true, then really we’re only 16 or 17 or so ;-).

    Hey speaking of age… All I want for my birthday is a virtual visit from you and a comment or two :-).

    Oh… we’re going to P.S. soon (next week). That was so much fun last year. Next year, if you think you can manage it with 3 little ones, let’s meet there again??? Please????? I’m taking our nanny with us this year. I’ll let you know how it all goes. Wish us luck!

  7. JK says:

    And if I’ve never said so, your blog design is really really cool. 🙂 Just like you. (aww… I’m getting sappy aren’t I?)

  8. Dad says:

    Your Dad would be really disappointed if you started with that bad habit. I hope you are just joking. It is definitely not healthy, and it stinks.

  9. KJ says:

    Callista Wolf of Lilac Pixels designed this blog. Give her a google, she’s fab.
    And let’s leave Dad in suspense about my shameful habits, just to add to the thrill. Ooh, I’m sneaking out of the house! Defying authority! Breakin’ the rules, baby!