10 Reasons Why I Want to Sell This House and Buy a Different One

  • 1. I firmly believe I will not move any furniture from either Ikea or Jennifer convertibles. This is a triumph of optimism over experience.
  • 2. It will force me to get a dumpster and clean out the basement, which has accumulated an alarming amount of useless stuff we don’t want in just under four years. A new basement will not do this. (Again, optimism bests history.)
  • 3. I can’t decide what color to paint the porch.
  • 4. Baby #3 cannot sleep in a bassinet forever. He will need to move into a crib, and out of our closet, in a remarkably short amount of time. He will need, specifically, Lily’s crib and Lily’s room–and she’s not going to like it.
  • 5. In order to accomodate the above, Lily must move into Sam’s room, and I have to decide whether the two of them can share the small existing room or should move, with accompanying difficulties of paint and furniture, into the larger guest room. And I really should do that before the baby can fling itself out of the bassinet.
  • 6. I honestly believe moving the whole lot of them into a new and different house would be simpler. This, I’m guessing, is the triumph of optimism over common sense, also described as the triumph of stupidity over everything else.
  • 7. I’m tired of this house. I want a different one. I am avoiding the fact that a new pair of shoes, or even a new sofa, would certainly involve fewer transaction costs.
  • 8. I never even knew I wanted a house with a view until I saw this one.
  • 9. I have always longed to tend a well and a septic tank. (That’s for my dad, He thinks, for some odd reason, that that’s a bad idea. He may have noticed that we are having some trouble tending to our second bathtub.)
  • 10. It will solve all of my problems, and life from then on would be just a beautiful dream.

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    1. JK says:

      As someone who had both a well and a septic tank, there isn’t much you do to tend to them. Much less tending than a second bathtub takes in fact. (What kind of pump does the well have… that’s the thing you will want to know most about… We had an electric one and only an 80 gallon holding tank so if the electricity went off we didn’t have water for too long… (we were going to get a bigger holding tank).

      How old is the septic system? How deep are the leech lines in the field? How old is the tank? If fairly young, you won’t really have any worries… Oh, how many linear feet in the field? Are you up to code? What would it take to be up to code?

      Every house has its drawbacks. I just find it so funny that you might be moving to the country… Me having just moved back from there.

    2. bridgermama says:

      Moving, to me, is such a cleansing experience! I think we are always in search of the perfect, end-all, beat-all house. I am hoping the next one is it, if not I guess we will continue to cleanse! Good luck with everything! You are taking “nesting” to a new level!

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