And Another Thing

Well, that last post was perky, wasn’t it? Nothing like a good attitude…(and that was nothing like…).

Well, here’s another thing I’m not so crazy about in this, the last few weeks of pregnancy: I hate the publicity of the whole thing. Oddly, for a blogger, I’m a very private person, and there is really nothing private about being nine months pregnant. It’s part of the reason I’m always so reluctant to tell people my actual due date. I don’t like having everyone know my business, I don’t like being checked up on…I don’t like the feeling that total strangers know something about me.

But that’s all just because I’m weird. Its just that it does seem to me, at base, a private thing–I mean, I don’t mind telling the details afterwards, obviously, and I don’t mind sharing every little disgusting thing that happens along the way, but I don’t really want anyone actually there, watching me suffer through it, either. That’s why I get so annoyed by people whose mothers or mothers-in-law insist on having a right to be present, and stuff–I’d just hate that so much, even to have anyone outside and waiting. I can’t really put a finger on why.

But I don’t have to–I just have to find someone to cover the existing kids, and then I can go get this over with (not actually now, you understand, but presumably soon). And then I can go back to what little anonymity you have in our small town–which is to say, not much!alltel mp3 motorola ringtones2 ringtone hearts kingdomfree nokia ringtone 3650motorola 50cent for ringtonesadult ringtones wallpapers onlynokia download 3650 ringtone freedownload alltel able ringtoneakon ringtones real Mapadvances payday cash loan 8 fastpayday 8 11 loan discounta a loan home countrywidebankruptcy after loan aaccount advance cash loanloan bank mortgage application accountno loan credit account bad bankaccounting amortization loan Map

54 Responses to “And Another Thing”

  1. chelle says:

    I hear ya! I so did not want anyone but hubby in the room when I gave birth. Like anyone else needs to see my cervix!!