Patience: Not My Virtue

Today was solo time day for Sam and Lily–well, solo plus Wyatt, which is what they both want. Lily got to take Wyatt to music class–well, she didn’t have any choice there, because I didn’t have a sitter, but she did want to. He actually laid on the floor between my legs, eyes open, watching everything and apparently had a wonderful time. Lily showed him off–It’s Wyatt! And did more than she’s ever done in class before. They made my life look easy, which I really resented, both doing thier imitations of perfect kids.
Sam got a trip to the bakery for a flourless chocolate cake. During the trip, we had to visit the bathroom (out the door, up the elevator, through another door…) no less than three times. I could tell he had to do more than just pee, but apparently he couldn’t–and then the second time, when he could, he forgot. Wyatt did not do him perfect baby imitation here. He did his fire engine imitation instead, so we had to forego a trip to the bookstore.
Lily “babysat” while I made dinner. Wyatt lay in his bassinet, fire engine wailing again. Lily put a blanket on him. She sang “rock a bye Wyatt”. She brought books to read–Duck on a Bike, Wyatt! Look, Wyatt! Max and Ruby!. And she “read” them. SHe was not at all daunted by the fact that he never once stopped screaming–and if I tried to pick him up, she demanded that I put him back.

28 Responses to “Patience: Not My Virtue”

  1. JK says:

    Brave woman!

    I don’t remember when I first took all 3 out by myself. I think T was MUCH older…. Like Months older. But we don’t have classes that all 3 can go to.

    I also have N who is inclined to run off. Though she’s finally getting a little better… But she still has been lost a few times… Anyway…. Hope all is well. Sorry they acted like perfect kiddos.