Why We Call Lily Wednesday Now

Music class this week–our last class, my last one ever unless my better nature takes over on Wyatt’s behalf. Of course both kids were flawless, adorable, Lily dancing with her friend and Wyatt showing off his new clapping abilities. I realized, as I never had before, that the real reason to go to these things is to show off how cute and smart your kids are. I should perhaps say that the reason I’ve never spotted that before is that it’s never before been an issue, as Lily’s usual m.o. at these things is to knock Wyatt over and try to sit on him while I attempt feebly to persuade her to dance or sing. “But I playing with Wy.” Yeah.

Katie, the leader, says brightly “We’re going to sing an animal song! What animals should we be?”
There is muttering and confusion among the kids, the oldest of whom is perhaps approaching three. I prompt Lily. “Do you want to pick an animal?”
Lily nods.
Katie looks confused but game, and starts to sing. The rats go scurrying two by two, hurrah.
She tries again, and other kids are emboldened to contribute, as translated in most cases by their mothers. Bunnies! Kitties! We are hopping bunnies and dancing kitties.
Lily pipes up again.
“Spiders! We be spiders!”
So the spiders go climbing two by two, and this Morticia wonders when Lily will start begging to die her hair black. My goth baby.

21 Responses to “Why We Call Lily Wednesday Now”

  1. JK says:

    Heh. I think Lily and N would get along pretty well.