Something in the Nature of a Miracle

No, not the fact that I am posting actual text blog entries twice in one day.

Rob is out of town. This is night two of my three day solo. I had no babysitting today–which is to say, I had five hours of babysitting in order to allow me to ski with Lily and then sit with her in the ski lodge and wait for Sam. I had no free time today, how’s that.

But we got through dinner and bedtime without TV–and I have to admit I think it’s a first. For me alone, I mean. I usually turn it on while I make dinner–especially when we walk in at 5:45–but they were inspired to play some game involving laundry baskets and weren’t even underfoot until the very tail of dinner prep (most of which I did yesterday), when they decided that Sam was a dog.

And then they sat down to eat, and even though Lily spilled a whole cup of milk and she and Wyatt created a very annoying game involving napkins, and no one took more than a bite or two of their salmon cakes…it was okay.

And then they lay in my bed and read while I put Wyatt to bed, and Sam fell asleep there before I even came back down, and so Lily got a good snuggle and an extra book (because unbeknownst to her I am going to leave Sam right where he is; he has been asking for cuddle time all evening and at least this way he will know he had it retrospectively)…and all was really not too bad.

It maybe that Wyatt is getting bigger. It may be that they ate too many snacks before dinner and so weren’t really hungry and could manage not to beg me for pieces of cheese and cups of water. It could be anything. At least it was!

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