Bring on Vogue

This is what I’ve done today:
5:00 Get up to let dog out
5:05 Get Wyatt.
5-7: Sort of sleep, sort of not, while everyone mills in and out of bed. Aquire impressive collection of stuffed animals.
7-7:30 With Rob, get self and kids ready to go out the door. Pack for Sam’s sleepover.
7:50: Drive to town to deliver Sam to fll day Boston trip plus sleepover. (I miss him!)
8:15: Breakfast at Lou’s. Take Lily to bathroom. Let her eat my potato pancakes. Accept consolation potato pancake from Rob’s plate. She eats that too.
9:30 Grocery store.
10:45 Home. Unload groceries. Wyatt naps. Bake banana bread with Lily.
11:45 Wyatt up. He helps finish bnana bread.
12:00-3:00 Cook dinner, prep dinners for later in the week, give kids lunch, snacks, milk, water, banana bread, anything they can thing of because I am standing in kitchen. Clean kitchen.
3-4: I don’t know, but at some point during the hour I agreed to buy a new car.
4-5 Outdoor “fun”. “Fun”, in this case, involves a great deal of putting on and taking off of mittens. Notable for Wyatt skiing down the driveway for the first time.
5-7 Finish making dinner. It should have been really special, shouldn’t it, since I seem to have devoted a total of five hours to it. It was meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas.
7-on: Well, writing this post. The point of which was to say, I have a few minutes to sit down and read, and the heck with Better Homes and Gardens, I’m going straight for Vogue. But Lily and Wyatt have been leaning on me, yelling at me, sobbing over me and just generally making me crazy the whole time I’ve been typing, so I’ll end with forget Vogue. Bedtime.

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