Happy Spring! (That’s Sarcasm)

Can I just say that I hope this is our annual spring snowstorm…although I’m a little concerned, because in other years that’s been in April. I am so not used to being a New Englander. I think April, I think grass and crocuses.
Oh well.

Blew it on the thirty minutes today. Had it all blocked out in the calendar–it was supposed to happen at the library while we waited for Lily at a birthday party in town (Holly was going to stay there with her, we wouldn’t leave her alone at a party at 3!). We had Dartmouth swim lessons after.

But Lily didn’t want to go. We got to the party, and she looked at the inviting bouncy house and the party hats and all the friends, and decided she’d rather go spend half an hour sobbing in the swimming pool. So I guess, despite all appearances to the contrary, that she is enjoying swim lessons.

But what with one thing and another, we lost that thirty minutes, and couldn’t get it back.

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