Off to NYC, Masquerading as DINKS

That would be double income, no kids. A double masquerade, since my income wouldn’t really qualify by New York standards. But part of the goal of the trip is to change hat–I have multiple meetings with editors happening, including a few I’m really excited about. Wondertime,in particular, is my new goal. THey’ve been edging towards edgy for a long time now. I love the way they let the writers’ voices shine through (not that I’ve felt stifled anywhere else, but Wondertime is really letting the whole sarky snarky thing happen). So I’m pretty much thrilled to have that meeting, and I have other good ones too. I should be freelancing a lot more within a few weeks if all goes even decently.

Another feature of the trip: alone time, just-us-two time, gee, what did we used to talk about time. We have a few subjects specifically on the agenda, but a whole weekend–two, actually, because in an amazing feat of logistics and planning we are going to North Carolina together next weekend for ANOTHER two nights–is pretty much guaranteed to get us beyond the kid talk and the politics talk and back into whatever it is we do talk about–because what it is hasn’t ever been what matters. It’s the way we connect on stuff as random as overblown menu descriptions and subway rides that always feels right.

Speaking of menus: Eating in restaurants we don’t eat at every week! OK, that will get me going. We’d better pick places with short menus or my circuits will blow.

2 Responses to “Off to NYC, Masquerading as DINKS”

  1. JK says:

    Have fun and I hope it all goes well!!

  2. Linda says:

    Hooray for you! The stars sometimes align!