Worth it.

Worth it.

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KJ Dell’Antonia
When biking in unknown parts of Vermont, it is best to remember that Vermonters do not use the word “Hill” in road names lightly. As in, Trapp Hill Road. THey don’t use it in a pretty, suburban midwestern isn’t the idea of rolling hills just so pretty kind of way. No, they use it because there is a big, trucks changing gears bear-came-over-it kind of, yanno, hill, and that’s what the road goes over.

It’s not, generally, that the hill goes down, either. You might want to remember that, as you are biking along and come to a choice of two fairly inocuous looking roads, both, you remember from your map and the suggestion from the guy at the bike shop where you bought the sunglasses because you forgot yours, leading to the same place in the end. I mean, some “Hill” roads must, by definition, I suppose, be mostly downhill, but the thing is, you would know it–because you would have already gone up another road, probably also named “Hill” to get up to it.

So there’s that. And then, you might want to consider the rest of the name. Trapp Hill Road. The Trapps, or rather, the von Trapps, as you might remember, were not a family who did things half-heartedly. These were not people who escaped from Witch Mountain. If they had kids, they had lots of ’em. If they sang, they called record executives. If they fled, it was from Nazis. So it stands to reason that if they had a hill, it wouldn’t be a small hill.

It wasn’t.

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